Our mission

We aim to offer a wide range of high-quality gluten-free food ingredients and personalized service for demanding customers

Our vision

Become a reference in the gluten-free food ingredients market through our top quality raw material and our gluten-free facilities

Our values

Compromise, service, quality

About us

We work both conventional and organic close to 100 food ingredients: Pulses, seeds, grains, flours, starch, flakes, brans and gums. Some of our ingredients are harvested inhouse at the Tauste area (Zaragoza, Spain) and others we get them through our Worldwide producers, with whom we have a close cooperation always with an environmental and social compromise.
We are accredited with the IFS Food certification, one of the most relevant in the sector Worldwide and we are organic operator for all references we commercialize, being certified by the CAAE (Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica). All our food ingredients meet the EU Organic Products standards.

Working areas


Aragón Sin Gluten is harvesting around 100 hectares in the north-west region of Zaragoza (Spain), in order to provide the best quality in millet, pulses, sorghum and buckwheat grains.


We have a warehouse capacity of 500 pallets at our central site in Zaragoza (Spain) with a certified storage capacity to meet the highest food industry quality standards. Our warehouse has a on site processing facility for gluten free seeds, grains and pulses cleaning and transformation, therefore we are capable to guarantee gluten free manufacturing of different products such as flours/powders, bran, flakes and pops.


In order to give a good service to our clients in references where we are not very active, we have contacts with some of best quality providers around the World able to service small quantities of niche products at reasonable prices.


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