work areas

We work both globally and regionally, in close cooperation with big and medium sized producers. It is essential for us that those partnerships are built on fair trade principles contributing to a sustainable development of the producing regions.
We supervise constantly our activity and we have a qualified quality department aiming to guarantee food safety and allergen free products along the entire supply chain from farm to consumer.

Our providers are long term partnerships ensuring a fair price policy and we always look for products with traceability from origin and not global traders, that is a basic principle for us.


Aragón Sin Gluten is harvesting around 100 hectares in the north-west region of Zaragoza (Spain), in order to provide the best quality in millet, pulses, sorghum and buckwheat grains.


We have a warehouse capacity of 500 pallets at our central site in Zaragoza (Spain) with a certified storage capacity to meet the highest food industry quality standards. Our warehouse has a on site processing facility for gluten free seeds, grains and pulses cleaning and transformation, therefore we are capable to guarantee gluten free manufacturing of different products such as flours/powders, bran, flakes and pops.
These are used to produce different products, such as whole or chopped flakes, flours, bran and puffs.


In order to give a good service to our clients in references where we are not very active, we have contacts with some of best quality providers around the World able to service small quantities of niche products at reasonable prices.

Our customers

All of our customers are looking for gluten free producers ensuring a manufacturing process without allergens, crucial for meeting the demands of their consumer. Our customer base ranges from small-scale companies to large-scale industrial food producers located all over Europe, such as:
Manufacturers of consumer products | Private Label packers | Food Service | Distributors

We distribute a wide range of gluten free Food Ingredients to almost all kinds of food manufacturers making consumer products. For example:
Bread and pastry | Dairy and desserts | Vegan and meat replacers | Soups, snacks and dressings | Gluten free pasta producers