"Our cornerstone: Gluten free industrial facilities"

Multidisciplinary team

Gluten free food ingredients

We work in organic and Conventional

Aragon Sin Gluten is a company founded in Zaragoza (Spain) by an entrepreneurial team with large experience in the food industry and with industrial clients. We are a multidisciplinary team challenged to deal since harvesting until final distribution to our customers.

Our expertise is gluten free food ingredients, either raw or manufactured. We guarantee our clients, food companies of different sizes in the European territory, total absence of gluten in our industrial facilities, therefore in the final product after manufacturing, this is our cornerstone.

We work both conventional and organic close to 100 food ingredients: Pulses, seeds, flours, starch, flakes, grains, brans and gums. Some of our ingredients are harvested inhouse  at the Tauste area (Zaragoza, Spain) and others we get them through our Worldwide producers, with whom we have a close cooperation always with an environmental and social compromise.

We are accredited with the IFS Food certification, one of the most relevant in the sector Worldwide and we are organic operator for all references we commercialize, being certified by the CAAE (Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica). All our food ingredients meet the EU Organic Products standards.